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Practitioners at the Urban Fringe Clinic:


Wednesdays 11-7pm

Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy. It has its roots in traditional Japanese medicine, but it also draws from other bodywork and healing techniques.

Shiatsu works with the receiver?s Ki. Ki in Japanese (also known as Qi in Chinese), is often translated as breath, movement, life force or energy. Ki is central to Shiatsu, as are the network of pathways and points where Ki flows. Shiatsu uses touch, both on and off the body to connect with the Ki of the receiver. The intention is to help the Ki move in harmony, just like our breath and heartbeat do when we are relaxed and well. When Ki is stuck or dispersed, pain, discomfort or tiredness might be experienced. When Ki is flowing in harmony there is a sense of well being and the body can get on with its own natural healing ability.

For further information:

Shiatsu Society of the UK