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Mercedes Nunez

Mercedes Nunez - Shiatsu and healing


Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy. It has its roots in traditional Japanese medicine, but it also draws from other bodywork and healing techniques.

Shiatsu works with the receiver's Ki. Ki in Japanese (also known as Qi in Chinese), is often translated as breath, movement, life force or energy. Ki is central to Shiatsu, as are the network of pathways and points where Ki flows. Shiatsu uses touch, both on and off the body to connect with the Ki of the receiver. The intention is to help the Ki move in harmony, just like our breath and heartbeat do when we are relaxed and well. When Ki is stuck or dispersed, pain, discomfort or tiredness might be experienced. When Ki is flowing in harmony there is a sense of well being and the body can get on with its own natural healing ability.


Healing is an energy therapy where the healer facilitates the client?s own healing potential. It differs from Shiatsu in that the healer is less hands on, more meditative and spacious, using very light touch or off the body connection. I practise both Spiritual Healing and Reiki. Spiritual comes from the Latin word Spiritus, meaning breath; Reiki from the Japanese word for universal energy.

Both Shiatsu and Healing are deeply relaxing and focus on the whole person, not just on the manifesting conditions or symptoms. Sometimes a physical condition can have its roots in past emotional trauma, mental discomfort or unease in our soul or spirit. When in pain we tend to give our attention to what is ?wrong?, but during a Shiatsu or Healing session the focus is also on what is ?right? and on how to access our potential for renewal.

Practitioner Biography

I am a Teacher and Practitioner member of the Shiatsu Society of the UK (MRSS T) and a member of the Healing Trust (NFSH), qualified to practise both Spiritual healing and Reiki. For nearly 30 years I have been learning from and facilitating many people?s journeys into health and self-empowerment. I worked for 8 years for the leading Cancer Charity, Penny Brohn Cancer Care. Working with people with serious illness has strengthen my belief that we are all hardwired to heal, that pain and illness is often an opportunity to look into what is no longer serving us and to let go, in order to make more space for how we want to be.Over the years I have learnt much about the human spirit, its potential for renewal and its courage to heal. Unlocking this potential is unique to each of us. At the core of my philosophy is that we all have our own ?healing knowledge?, which drives us to seek the help we need, be it through orthodox and or complementary medicines.

I am also a teacher of Shiatsu and a group facilitator in well being courses. I also offer supervision for complementary therapists and tutorials for shiatsu students.

I have been enormously privileged to learn from some great Shiatsu and Healing practitioners and I continue to renew and refresh my skills from Continuous Professional Development. I also support my practise through personal and peer group supervision.


MRSS T (Teacher Member of the Shiatsu Society, UK)

NFSH (Member of the Healing Trust, National Federation of Spiritual Healers)

Professional Body:

Shiatsu Society of the UK
The Healing Trust


I work from the Urban Fringe Dispensary on Fridays. The first appointment is at 11am and the last at 5pm


Shiatsu hourly session @ £50.00
Healing 45 minutes session @ £40.00
Supervision and Tutorials @ £42.00

Please note that cancellations of less than 24 hours will have to be paid in full.

Mercedes Nunez


To book an appointment call 01761 470516or 07837 060375