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Catrin Parry

Alexander Technique

I discovered the Alexander Technique in 2006 while living in France. I had slipped a disk in my lower back and was forced to lie on my back for two months. During this time I was sent a book about the technique which completely changed the way I was thinking about how to go about getting better. It was no longer about finding someone to fix me, rather looking and learning about how I can help myself. Eventually I decided to return to the U.K. and sought out an Alexander Technique teacher where not only did the pain in my back disappear but also other issues in my life healed too. I was so happy with the results of the Alexander Technique that I decided to train as a teacher in 2009 at the Bristol Alexander School.

About the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is about rediscovering your own natural balance and co-ordination, both mental and physical. When we are children we do not interfere so much with our natural poise, we allow our bodies to move freely while we learn to discover how to move through exploration. As we grow older things can start to change as our conscious mind develops and our bodies start expressing what we are thinking and feeling more. Some of these expressions can lead to postural habits such as rounding of the shoulders or protruding hips which can put strain on the body and cause painful tension. In the Alexander Technique the emphasis is on looking at how you think in relation to how you move, stand, sit and interact with the world around you. It also looks at where you think certain bones, joints and muscles are in your body as having better knowledge of these will make movement easier.

A big part of the Alexander Technique is learning how to create space so you can choose how to react in any given situation; realising that we do have more time than we previously thought. Learning this new way of thinking by becoming more conscious and aware reduces tension which can lead to pain.

The Alexander Technique keeps you in the present moment where living and life take place, it helps you learn how to enjoy living and teaches you the beauty of acceptance.

What is the Alexander Technique used for?

  • Muscle tension and stiffness
  • Back pain* (see link to BMJ back pain trial), RSI and arthritis
  • Poor posture
  • Breathing and vocal problems
  • Anxiety and difficult emotional states
  • Improvement in performance, music, sport and theatre
  • Freedom to move more efficiently
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • without strain
  • To heighten your awareness

The Lessons

The lessons are one-to-one and require your active participation. You will be taught how to notice and change habits. The technique can be practiced all the time and wherever you are. There are no exercises and it is for everyone. The number of lessons needed depends on you and to what level you wish to take it. As well as discussing how you think in relation to how you move I will also use gentle hand contact to guide you into movement and help release any unwanted tension.


Certificate of Qualification, Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Professional Body

Member of the Society of teachers of the Alexander Technique

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Further Information
* The British Medical Journal back pain trial
Bristol Alexander School


I am available on Wednesdays


Lessons are £25 for half an hour to be paid at the end of the lesson


I also offer 6 lessons for the price of 5

Catrin Parry


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