We use vegetable glycerine as a solvent to make what are effectively non-alcoholic tinctures. These are excellent to use in place of the alcohol-based tinctures for children and people who are alcohol intolerant.The sweet flavour makes them especially appropriate for children, and for sugar-free syrups.


Thymus vulgaris Thyme and Liquorice Glycerite £8.50
Prunus serotina Wild Cherry and Coltsfoot Glycerite £8.50
Urtica dioica semen Nettle Seed Glycerite £7.50
Sambucas nigra fruct. Elderberry Glycerite £7.50
Zingiber officinalis Ginger Glycerite £8.00
Thyme and Liquorice Glycerite Thymus vulgaris £8.50
Wild Cherry and Coltsfoot Glycerite Prunus serotina £8.50
Nettle Seed Glycerite Urtica dioica semen £7.50
Elderberry Glycerite Sambucas nigra fruct. £7.50
Ginger Glycerite Zingiber officinalis £8.00

Online Purchasing

Before you buy herbal preparations from us we need to check they are safe for you to use. This personalised service is a benefit of buying directly from qualified Medical Herbalists like us, and is part of a law protecting you. More Information.

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Online Purchasing

Following a directive from our Professional Association, the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, we are no longer able to supply herbal medicines directly to the public without a prior consultation. This is in line with the Human Medicines Regulations (2012), which includes the EU Traditional Herbal Medicine Products Directive (2005), transposed into UK legislation. This effectively means that you can only purchase herbal products that have received a licence from the MHRA (average cost @£50,000 per licence!), which firmly excludes the bulk of a professional herbalist's herbal dispensary. The only exemption to this directive is, as the MHRA state,

"if you are a herbal practitioner, you don't need a licence to supply herbal medicines you create on your premises to patients following one-to-one consultations".

In order to operate within the law we have implemented a gateway so that only people who have had a consultation, either directly or via skype or telephone, and other practising qualified Medical Herbalists may register and have access to online sales. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause, although recognise that it is primarily in the interests of public safety. It is safer and more effective to use herbal medicines under professional guidance. If you wish to find out more about our herbal medicines, or to book a consultation please contact us by phone or email.