We may absorb up to a third of the substances that we put on our skin. It is no wonder then that we have an interest in the ingredients, preservatives and perfumes used in creams and lotions. With this in mind our producers have been formulating creams of exceptional quality.

We have developed two broad ranges of creams; firstly there are those creams with a more cosmetic focus. Within this range, they have concentrated on getting the right consistency and aroma to make products that are lovely to use as well as being effective. Moreover, these creams are in effect aromatherapy treatments as they all contain aromatic waters and essential oils that provide mental and emotional benefits in addition to the effects on the skin. They have catered for all skin types in the cosmetic range, and to cover all areas of the body. Secondly there is a range of more medicinally orientated creams and lotions, which are slightly heavier due to the higher oil content. There is however a large overlap between the two groupings, with all the creams having therapeutic properties in addition to being lovely to use.

All the creams and lotions are made from very high quality, mostly organic aromatic waters, vegetable oils, macerated oils, essential oils and herbal percolates decoctions and infusions. Almost all of the active ingredients are made by our producers, including all of the aromatic waters and herbal decoctions and infusion, all of the macerated oils and some of the essential oils. Where they have had to source ingredients, they have worked hard to find the right quality, often rejecting many samples on the way. In standard creams and lotions, the greatest ingredient is usually ?aqua? or water. However, they never add water to the creams - they either use an aromatic water, or herbal infusion/decoction or both. And they have spared no expense when it comes to using the right vegetable oils for our creams; rose hip oil, shea butter, evening primrose oil and avocado oil are all expensive oils that tend to be added in tiny amounts, if they are used at all. They have ensured that these ingredients are added at adequate levels.


Soothing Cream £12.95
Rosa damascena Rose Cream £12.95
Acillea millefolium; Aesculus hippocastanum. Venotone Cream £12.95
Matricaria recutita Chamomile Cream £12.95
Stellaria media Chickweed Cream £10.70
Symphytum officinale Comfrey Cream £10.70
Arnica montana Arnica Cream £12.95
Citrus aurantium Neroli Cream £12.95
Indigo Balm £12.95
Liquorice Cream £12.95
Soothing Cream £12.95
Rose Cream Rosa damascena £12.95
Venotone Cream Acillea millefolium; Aesculus hippocastanum. £12.95
Chamomile Cream Matricaria recutita £12.95
Chickweed Cream Stellaria media £10.70
Comfrey Cream Symphytum officinale £10.70
Arnica Cream Arnica montana £12.95
Neroli Cream Citrus aurantium £12.95
Indigo Balm £12.95
Liquorice Cream £12.95

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Online Purchasing

Following a directive from our Professional Association, the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, we are no longer able to supply herbal medicines directly to the public without a prior consultation. This is in line with the Human Medicines Regulations (2012), which includes the EU Traditional Herbal Medicine Products Directive (2005), transposed into UK legislation. This effectively means that you can only purchase herbal products that have received a licence from the MHRA (average cost @£50,000 per licence!), which firmly excludes the bulk of a professional herbalist's herbal dispensary. The only exemption to this directive is, as the MHRA state,

"if you are a herbal practitioner, you don't need a licence to supply herbal medicines you create on your premises to patients following one-to-one consultations".

In order to operate within the law we have implemented a gateway so that only people who have had a consultation, either directly or via skype or telephone, and other practising qualified Medical Herbalists may register and have access to online sales. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause, although recognise that it is primarily in the interests of public safety. It is safer and more effective to use herbal medicines under professional guidance. If you wish to find out more about our herbal medicines, or to book a consultation please contact us by phone or email.