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Pre-Biotic Powders

Pre-Biotic Powders ()

Our powders are made from finely milled organic herbs. This mix is used as part of our healthy gut protocol and they're carefully formulated to feed your beneficial gut bacteria. With regular use, these powders can contribute to better overall health by reducing inflammation and improving gut immunity.

A prebiotic is defined as an indigestible fibre which isn't broken down by the body, and so serves as a nutrient for bacteria living in the gut and therefore benefits host health.

Ingredients: Marshmallow Root, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Jerusalem Artichoke root.

Our pre-biotic powders are designed to be taken once or twice per day, after a meal. You take one heaped teaspoon and stir it into water, giving it a really good stir until you get a gloopy consistency - then swallow it at once. Follow up with a glass of water.

Make sure you drink plenty of water with the powders - if they are too dry they can cause some upper digestive discomfort shortly after taking them. See our directions.

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