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Ginkgo Tincture

£8.75 100ml           

Ginkgo Tincture (Ginkgo biloba)

Tincture of Ginkgo leaves (Ginkgo biloba) 1:3 45%

Ginkgo biloba, organic grain alcohol

Daily adult dose: up to 2 - 8ml unless otherwise prescribed.

Seek advice before using with blood thinning medication or shortly before an operation.

Excessive doses can cause vitamin B6 deficiency.

Rare instances of allergic reactions to Ginkgo.

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Ginkgo biloba

Common name: Ginkgo, Ginko, Temple tree, Maidenhair tree, Bai Gou

Family: Ginkgoaceae

Part used: Leaves, often harvested just as they turn from green to yellow when flavonoid content is highest. Seeds are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Habitat: Ginkgo is a decidulous tree native to Japan and China with easily recognisable two-lobed ('biloba') fan shapedflat leaves turning from green to bright yellow in autumn. Ginkgo trees are generally slow growing but can reach up to 50m and ages of 1500yrs. 

Folklore and History: Ginkgo is the last living member of not just the Ginkgoaceae family but also the wider Ginkgophyta division of Gymnosperms dating back 250 million years, which is why it is often called a 'living fossil'. Ginkgo trees are valued as sacred trees in Japan and China. 

Constituents: Flavonol glycosides, terpene lactones, flavonoids, sterols, procyanidins, polysaccharides. 

Actions: Circulatory stimulant, enhances energy, antioxidant, vasodilator, increases cerebral blood flow, relaxant, bitter, Platelet Activating Factor-antagonist.

Traditional and current uses:

• Impared cognitive function and memory loss especially in the elderly those wth Alzheimer's disease or dementia

• To increase blood flow to the head, brain or extremeties. 

• To decrease platelet formation

• Lack of concentration, brain fog and confusion

• Feeling tired all the time

• Chronic fatigue syndrome

• Depression and anxiety

• Headache, tinnitus and hearing loss

• Vertigo and inflamation in ear canals

• Poor circulation, for example intermittent claudication and Raynaud’s disease

• Stroke

• Altitude sickness

Disclaimer: The information on this website is provided for educational use only, and is not intended as a replacement for the services of a qualified medical herbalist, doctor or licensed health practitioner. The information contained herein is not diagnostic, always consult a medical health professional before embarking on a treatment programme. Urban Fringe Dispensary disclaims any liability, loss, injury or damage incurred as a consequence of the use and application of the advice given herein.

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