Couch Grass Tincture | Agropyron repens

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Couch Grass Tincture

£8.75 100ml           

Couch Grass Tincture (Agropyron repens)

Tincture of Couch Grass (Agropyron repens) roots 1:3 25%

Agropyron repens, organic grain alcohol

Daily adult dose: 5 - 15ml three times a day unless otherwise directed. 

Avoid prolonged use alongside prescription diuretics.

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Agropyron repens

Common name: Couch grass

Family: Poaceae

Part used: Rhizomes

Habitat: Pervasive plant which grows in many conditions and soils in temperate zones.

Constituents: Fructose, sugar alcohols, phenolic carboxylic acids, triticin (some similarities to inulin), silicic acid, silicates, vanillic acid.

Actions:Soothing diuretic, anti-inflammatory, demulcent

Traditional and current uses:

•  Irritation in bladder andurinary tract including cystitis

•  Bronchial catarrh

•  Gentle cleansing tonic

• Chronic skin conditions

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