Burdock Root Tincture | Arctium lappa

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Burdock Root Tincture

£7.25 100ml           

Burdock Root Tincture (Arctium lappa)

Tincture of Burdock root (Arctium lappa) 1:3 45%

Arctium lappa, organic grain alcohol

Adult dose: 5 - 8ml three times a day unless otherwise directed. 

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Arctium Lappa

Common name: Greater Burdock, Thorny Burr, Cockle buttons, Beggar's buttons

Family: Asteraceae

Parts used: Dried roots as well as leaves, heads and seeds. 

Habitat: Originally native to Europe, and is now common in North America and Asia. It can be found along roadsides and waste places.

Roots: Inulin, phenolic acids, polyacetylenes, essential oil, bitter glycosides, amino acids, fibre, and flavonoids. 
Also contains vitamins A, B2, B3, C, E and P, as well as iron, calcium, copper, iodine, silicon, sulphur and zinc. 

Actions: Diuretic, Alterative, Diaphoretic, Antiseptic, Orexigenic, Depurative, Anti- Inflammatory, Anti- oxidant. 

Traditional and current uses

• Skin eruptions including eczema, psoriasis, boils, acne, dermatitis and abscesses. 

• Cystitis

• Anorexia - helps stimulate appetite

• Digestive

• Helps body to detoxify 

• Rheumatism and arthritis

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