Bugle Weed Tincture | Lycopus europaeus

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Bugle Weed Tincture

Bugle Weed Tincture (Lycopus europaeus)

Tincture of Bugleweed (Lycopus europaeus) 1:3 45%

Lycopus europaeus, organic grain alcohol

Daily adult dose of 6 - 18ml unless otherwise prescribed. 

Should be avoided in pregnancy and if breastfeeding. Avoid in hypothyroid states, seek professional advice before taking if hyperthyroid.

Lycopus europeus

Common names: Bugle Weed, Bugle, European Bugleweed, Gypsywort, Water Horehound

Family: Lamiaceae

Parts used: Aerial parts just before or during flowering.

Habitat: Another wonderful member of the mint family, Bugleweed grows in bogs, wetlands and on fresh watersides in Europe and globally in temperate regions.

Constituents: Phenolic acids includins caffeic, rosmarinic, chlorogenic acids among others; Flavonoids, Diterpenoids, Volatile Oil, tannins. 

Actions: Antihaemorrhagic, Antitussive, Cardioactive Diuretic, Peripheral Vasoconstrictor, Sedative, Thyroxine Antagonist 

Traditional and current uses:

• Nervous tachycardia

• Anxious palpitations

• Haemoptysis

• Irritable coughs with large volume of sputum

• Graves' Disease

• Hyperthyroidism

• Thyrotoxicosis

Disclaimer: The information on this website is provided for educational use only, and is not intended as a replacement for the services of a qualified medical herbalist, doctor or licensed health practitioner. The information contained herein is not diagnostic, always consult a medical health professional before embarking on a treatment programme. Urban Fringe Dispensary disclaims any liability, loss, injury or damage incurred as a consequence of the use and application of the advice given herein.

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