Oh no! Summer’s over….

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Oh no! Summer’s over….

What a great Summer that was…but now it’s time knuckle down, saddle up, pull the finger out and ride that horsey into the fading sunlight.


It’s the first week of October and there is a sense that winter is coming. After such a cracking Summer many of us ( I know, I’m one) will be feeling a slight sense of encroaching doom as the central heating goes back on. Last year I helped myself with a winter tonic to see me through the gloomy months, and I don’t know if it was that, having a wonderful new relationship, or simply being older and wiser that enabled me to happily navigate the passage of winter. Whatever it was, I’m definitely going to do it again and this time I’m going to share the recipe because I think it’s really good for addressing various impending-doom related issues.

Firstly, there is the prospect of dealing with the gloomy light and the frankly bloody stupid putting the clocks back. I mean, dark at 4pm - who in their right minds thinks this is desirable? - More light at the end of the day please, not the beginning. Personally I’d rather have it dark at 8 am and have a bit more light in the evening. I really don’t want to be leaving work in the pitch black.

Then there is an invisible viral menace lurking in the damp air or balancing on door handles and table tops. Wash those hands folks! Some of us are most definitely more prone to picking up chills and bugs from October onwards, whether vacuumed up though the hooter or directly imbibed.

And lastly is the craving for warming stodge and extra carbs in general. One does need a bit more fuel and some way of stoking the inner fire as things can get a bit sluggish down there.

All of these things can leave one feeling depleted and out of sorts. This is the perfect scenario for experimenting with some tonic herbs which, being tonic herbs, need to permeate your senses and work their magic gradually and lightly over the winter months. I have made a little mix called Northern Lights designed to do just this.

Northern Lights is made from a blend of four key herbs, and should be taken a couple of times a day. It would be wise to phone or drop by the shop before ordering, as it won’t suit everyone because, for example, one of the herbs is St John’s Wort, which can interact with various other medications and you would need to check it is appropriate for you before splashing out. If you find it is the herb for you then you will have discovered a great new ally. Always best to have a chat about it first though.

The product page for Northern Lights gives a full breakdown of what’s in it and why. The key points are that it is designed to help strengthen your general immunity and brighten up your mood during the winter months, with the added bonus of tasting nice.

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