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Iron Tonics

How to make an iron tonic using a base of red wine and molasses, including dried apricots and a blend of herbal extracts designed to optimise iron absorbtion.

iron tonic

Good sources of dietary iron include: watercress and other green leafy veg, sprouted grains and seeds, raisins, eggs, molasses, soya, parsley, lentils, kidney beans, sardines, figs, dried apricots, almonds, ginger, wholemeal bread. Take cider vinegar, one tablespoon with each meal, to aid absorption.

Iron Tea


Nettle, Raspberry leaf, Dandelion leaf, Hawthorn flowers, Comfrey, Mint.


Iron Tonic




  • 1Kg unsulphured dried apricots
  • 1Kg molasses
  • 3 Litres red Wine
  • 5ml/Litre tinctures of Ginger, Gentian, Yellow Dock, Damiana, Nettle tops.
  • 0.5ml/Litre tincture of Capsicum (optional)


Cover the apricots with water and simmer for 6 hours. Add molasses and simmer for a further 2 hours. Cool, and liquidise in a blender. Add red wine, stir for 5 -10 minutes until pourable. Add the tinctures. 1 Kg apricots makes about 4 Litres tonic. Bottle it up in 500ml airtight bottles and keep refrigerated once opened.


15ml 2 times a day. 30ml per day is said to provide 2mg of absorbable iron.

Uses: Anaemia, lethargy, general tonic and during pregnancy.

If you want to get some of the iron tonic herbs we can supply them ready mixed, as tinctures. Alternatively we can supply you with the dried herbs. If using dried herbs, simmer them in enough water to cover them well for 15 minutes, strain, and add the liquid to the mix at the same time that you add the red wine.

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