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Max Drake, Bristol Herbalist

Max Drake MNIMH

Herbal Medicine

I have been involved with Herbal Medicine for many years both as a manufacturer and as a Medical Herbalist. Having graduated with a first class degree in Herbal Medicine, I am continually updating my practice with new research and ideas from many different medical traditions and disciplines, keeping an open eye and open mind for what seems most appropriate and most effective for my patients.

Sue Hitchcock Bristol Couples Counselling

Sue Hitchcock


I believe that, as social beings, we need other people in our lives to help us make sense of who we are. When we feel vulnerable or confused, it can be hard to ask for help from those closest to us. Counselling can provide the space we need to live out not just what it is to survive, but what it is to feel alive and to thrive.

My approach is humanistic and relational. I use various techniques, including CBT, and, where appropriate, I find working creatively and experientially with clients can also be highly effective. My goal is to provide the necessary conditions by which clients can gain a better understanding of who they are and what they need to do to realise their true potential.

Mo Cahill, Counselling and CBT

Mo Cahill


I am a BACP accredited Counsellor, living and working in central Bristol. I am listed on the new BACP Central health Register.

My approach to counselling is warm, down to earth, encouraging and supportive. I can help you find answers, understand yourself better and help you to create change in your life. I integrate different skills from different Counselling approaches, depending on what you need as an individual.

acupuncture in bristol city centre

Eleanor Breen


I am a BAcC registered Acupuncturist working in Bristol and Exeter. I use a holistic approach to health, focusing on you rather than just your illness to help you get back to health and wellness.

Mercedes Nunez - Shiatsu and healing

Mercedes Nunez

Shiatsu and Healing

I am a Teacher and Practitioner member of the Shiatsu Society of the UK (MRSS T) and a member of the Healing Trust (NFSH), qualified to practise both Spiritual healing and Reiki. For nearly 30 years I have been learning from and facilitating many people?s journeys into health and self-empowerment.

Catrin Parry

Alexander Technique

I discovered the Alexander Technique in 2006 while living in France. I had slipped a disk in my lower back and was forced to lie on my back for two months. During this time I was sent a book about the technique which completely changed the way I was thinking about how to go about getting better.

The Alexander Technique is about rediscovering your own natural balance and co-ordination, both mental and physical.

Hannah Braye

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

I'm a certified Nutritional Therapist accredited by the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

My approach is founded in evidence-based medicine, applied from a naturopathic approach. By providing the body with the nourishment it needs, I aim not just to alleviate your symptoms, but to address and rebalance the underlying causes of ill-health and support you, the person, as a whole.

Annabel Ross

Nutritional Therapy

Whether you have an ongoing illness, are feeling generally under the weather either physically or mentally or would like to know more about how to prevent illness and lead a healthier life through diet and lifestyle, a nutritional health consultation can help.

As a qualified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I am trained to advise people with chronic health conditions or anyone who would like to improve their general health and lifestyle. I do this holistically with the intention of preventing and treating illness and disease by assessing the nutritional and biochemical imbalances in the body that can lead to ill health.

Beth Frances Nutritional Health

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy can provide support for all health imbalances, whether it be physical. emotional or mental, it also provides options for lifestyle advise, including stress reduction and alterations to work life balance. It is my intention to help you get back to full strength and vitality through a guided and tailored approach and I endeavour to educate and motivate you with your health concerns along the way. I am open, communicable and determined. Let's shine a light on your healthful journey.